Huston Farms

Huston Farms is a 500 acre family owned operation located in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. Dwight and Dale acquired the herd in 1994, and it has since grown to be a progressive herd of registered Red Angus cattle. Our focus has been on progressively developing the cattle into a functional and adaptive herd.

Our cattle are bred and raised to be efficient and easy-fleshing with minimal inputs. We emphasize fertility, adaptability and docility in our cattle. We believe that genetics plays a crucial role in the advancement of our herd and the breed as a whole. We strive for a balance between progressive EPD profiles and the need for a fundamentally sound phenotype.

“Cattle that work for you.”

Huston Farms takes great pride in raising quality cattle. HUFA cattle are raised to be productive and profitable. Rotationally grazing our cattle pushes them to perform and thrive in a low-input scenario. We intensively-graze our cows during the growing season and following grain harvest. This keeps our cows active and healthy. When they are not able to graze, our cows are fed hay in the pastures. Only during calving season or unusually wet periods are our cows brought into smaller lots for feeding and close monitoring.

Calving-ease is obviously an important trait that we seek in our cattle. We breed our cows with the goals of un-assisted calvings, while also seeking to maximize calf-vigor and growth. Our cows are very maternal and raise good healthy calves with minimal inputs. We are confident in our genetics and the benefits they offer.